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Creative campaigns to develop a loyal audience

Empower your entire team to build professional, branded email campaigns that will speak to your audience - and grow it.

Develop your audience with native, flexible tools

With a host of easy-to-use audience development and preference management tools, anybody on your team can build an email strategy to grow more engaged subscribers. BuzzFeed makes it easy for their subscribers to sign up, select what topics they want to learn about, and determine their delivery cadence.

Easily syndicate content to your audience

With integrations to the world’s top content management platforms and an uber-flexible API, Campaign Monitor takes the effort out of connecting your CMS and RSS feeds to fuel powerful and profitable email communications. Apartment Therapy uses a variety of educational series, like this Gardening course to engage with its audience.

Drive revenue by increasing ad traffic

Easily drop ads in your emails for additional ad impressions, exposure, and revenue without ever using a line of code. Rolling Stone partners with complementary brands to serve up promotions, as they did in this recent email by advertising the singer Matt Corby’s upcoming concert tour.

Differentiate your emails with curated content

Using our simple drag-and-drop builder, you can create customized, branded emails that make it easy to plug in the best of your content. Reddit hand-picks content to drive their audience to subreddit threads not found on the Front Page with their curated newsletter, Upvoted Weekly.

Empower your entire team to build world-class email campaigns

Campaign Monitor’s intuitive, drag and drop email builder makes it radically easy for anyone to build a mobile-ready, branded email - without a line of code. Now your content contributors can double as email marketers.

Drive audience development

Use Campaign Monitor’s sign-up forms and integration power to nurture new subscribers from your website and social channels. We give you the power to focus on your email strategy without getting lost in the weeds of day to day.

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Join 10,000 companies in the publishing industry that use Campaign Monitor to run email marketing campaigns that deliver results for their business.

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