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Why SMB Marketers Value Flexibility in Marketing Technology

When it comes to marketing technology, many small business (SMB) marketers are emphasizing flexibility as they try pick the right basket of tools to help them thrive in a rapidly evolving business environment.
Increasingly, this focus on flexibility means that many SMB marketers are building their own “stack” of technology tools and services selected from a range of different vendors. By doing so SMB marketers can select the best tool for each marketing activity while also identifying the most cost-effective options.

According to new survey findings from Campaign Monitor and Market Cube, flexibility was the top criteria for marketers when selecting a marketing technology stack, mentioned by 63% of respondents.

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B&T | AUGUST 2016

Campaign Monitor Unveils New Marketing Automation Software

Email marketing software provider Campaign Monitor has introduced a new suite of automation features designed for fast-growing companies.

Visual Journey Designer has been developed to enable any marketer to create drag-and-drop customer journeys that automatically send personalised, timely and relevant marketing offers that drive sales and business growth.

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Campaign Monitor launches new suite of marketing automation features

Campaign Monitor has launched a new suite of marketing automation features designed for fast-growing companies.
60% of marketers at today’s biggest brands in the Fortune 1,000 use marketing automation, but smaller and growing brands are slower to adopt, according to research by Raab Associates.

Campaign Monitor's therefore launched its Visual Journey Designer, which will allow users to create drag-and-drop customer journeys that automatically send out personalised, timely and relevant marketing offers.
It's integrated into the existing tech suite and can be used by marketers "at any sized business without requiring complex technical skills".

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Campaign Monitor Launches DIY Automation

Email marketing company Campaign Monitor released a new marketing automation feature Wednesday that makes segmentation as easy as drag-and-drop.
Campaign Monitor’s Visual Journey Designer provides email marketers with a triggered campaign email builder in a do-it-yourself user-interface.

The new Visual Journey Designer requires no HTML or coding skills and helps email marketers send more personalized and relevant emails triggered real-time customer data.
“It’s based around the fact that instead of humans executing every campaign, a system can trigger campaigns automatically based on specific rules and criteria,” says Kraig Swensrud, CMO of Campaign Monitor.

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Why Marketers are Choosing Self-Service Technology over the Mega Vendor Marketing Cloud

Kraig Swensrud, CMO at Campaign Monitor gives some tips to marketers to efficiently build their own martech stack from the bottom up

Campaign Monitor recently surveyed 500 marketers at mid-sized business to find out what martech tools they’re using, how they’re using them, and what they like or don’t like about them. These are professionals who want to create marketing campaigns of the same caliber as the big guys, but they don’t have the multi-million dollar budgets or armies of people. We found that these marketers are overwhelmingly embracing self-service tools, not all-in-one marketing clouds. They prefer solutions that are easy to use, affordable and work seamlessly out of the box. They want the flexibility to build powerful stacks of technology, unique to their business needs, that integrate with one click.

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Marketing Clouds Aren’t for Everybody

Campaign Monitor is announcing its own contribution to marketing automation "for the rest of us," Visual Journey Designer. One of the original group of email marketing companies (founded in 2005), Campaign Monitor "remains focused," Swensrud said, "on providing email marketing solutions to SMBs." The new offering expands the brand's do-it-yourself approach to the creation of personalized customer journeys, based on real-time data, and deployed across any device. Visual Journey Designer is available free today for Campaign Monitor customers.

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Campaign Monitor Introduces Marketing Automation for the Rest of Us

Campaign Monitor, the leading provider of professional-grade email marketing and automation software for growing businesses, today introduced a new suite of marketing automation features designed for fast-growing companies. With Campaign Monitor’s new Visual Journey Designer, now every marketer is empowered to create drag-and-drop customer journeys that automatically send personalized, timely and relevant marketing offers that drive sales and business growth.

“Campaign Monitor’s marketing automation has been driving massive engagement and revenue for our business,” said Liam Howard-Jones, Marketing Manager, Virgin Experience Days. “The new Visual Journey Designer makes it simple and easy to set up personalized customer journeys that help us build a lasting relationship with every single customer.”

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Chapter 6: Kraig Swensrud, CMO, Campaign Monitor

In 2014, Kraig Swensrud became CMO at Campaign Monitor, which provides email marketing solutions to top-tier customers like Disney, Coca-Cola, and Apple. Previously, Swensrud was the founder of the online survey tool GetFeedback, where he worked for three years before it was acquired by Campaign Monitor. Previous to founding GetFeedback, Swensrud was the CMO and head of product marketing at Salesforce. The first company that Swensrud founded, Kieden, an online advertising company, was acquired by Salesforce in 2006. Swensrud graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in engineering.

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4 Lessons Every Business Can Learn from Apple’s Approach to Support

This article is by Nate Skinner, chief customer officer at Campaign Monitor.

"Adding value as a support organization also involves investing in customers’ success with your product or service. This means answering questions and troubleshooting, but it also means counseling customers on the strategies that will help them grow. With its redesigned stores, Apple has intentionally created space to facilitate training opportunities for small businesses and developers, encouraging customer success and innovation as much as support. Consider how you can make your customers’ lives easier, and their businesses better, not just how you can answer their immediate questions."

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Campaign Monitor Delivers New App Store & Certified Partner Program

Campaign Monitor, the leading provider of simple and elegant email marketing software for business, today unveiled a new App Store and certified partner program. With more than 200 certified apps and integrations to leading marketing technology providers, now every marketer can create a modern marketing technology stack. The new partner program includes tools and resources for partners and developers to build apps that work seamlessly with Campaign Monitor, providing customers with trusted solutions to grow their business.

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BuzzFeed Ramps Up Email To Provide Targeted, Relevant Content

“We learned early on that 65% of people who subscribe to a BuzzFeed newsletter read it on a mobile device,” says Oshinsky. “There was no any choice -- we had to make our emails mobile-friendly.”

BuzzFeed has been working with Campaign Monitor, an email marketing technology provider, for the past three years -- and Oshinsky praises the company’s easy-to-use interface and responsive email templates. Since Oshinsky joined BuzzFeed, the company’s email team has grown to four employees in New York, two in London, and several more email team members in Mexico, Brazil and Australia. Emails are sent in English, Spanish and Portuguese for now, but courses have also been translated to French and German."

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BuzzFeed’s Email Marketing Prowess

"The first thing Oshinsky did when he joined BuzzFeed in 2012 was to cancel the previous email program and begin again from scratch. Oshinsky says that at the time, nobody managed email communication and no messages were optimized for mobile device. “We learned early on that 65% of people who subscribe to a BuzzFeed newsletter read it on a mobile device,” says Oshinsky. “There was no any choice -- we had to make our emails mobile-friendly.”

BuzzFeed has been working with Campaign Monitor, an email marketing technology provider, for the past three years -- and Oshinsky praises the company’s easy-to-use interface and responsive email templates."

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Campaign Monitor Launches Email Solution For Publishers

Email marketing technology company Campaign Monitor announced a vertical email solution on Wednesday for publishers that brings together a host of email marketing solutions and expertise. It's called Campaign Monitor for Publishers. Kraig Swensrud, CMO at Campaign Monitor, told Email Marketing Daily it helps publishers develop and engage email audiences to drive traffic and advertising revenue.

“Its different than, say the retail industry, because it’s not about an offer or a promotion code,” he says. “For publishers its all about content and often that content is long-form and constantly changing.” Campaign Monitor powers the email marketing campaigns of more than 20,000 publishers, including traditional book publishers such as Simon & Schuster and Penguin, and major Internet outlets such as BuzzFeed, Reddit and Vice Media.

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Campaign Monitor Introduces New Email Marketing Solution – Campaign Monitor for Publishers

Campaign Monitor, the leading provider of simple and elegant email marketing software for business, today introduced Campaign Monitor for Publishers. Developed by analyzing the success of 10,000 customers in the publishing industry, Campaign Monitor for Publishers makes it easy for any publisher to deliver highly relevant content, grow their email marketing lists, and drive audience engagement.

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3 stories from entrepreneurs who made it work

"I learned, really from my Dad, that you have to fight for what you believe is right. You have to take risks, and you have to work hard." Those are the words that have stayed with Alex Bard, CEO of email marketing firm Campaign Monitor. Bard has been part of starting four tech companies, and he sold his last two — Assistly and Gooey — to Salesforce and AOL, respectively. Despite a successful exit from Gooey, when he went to raise money for Assistly during the aftermath of the 2007-2008 crisis — a time of light venture capital coffers — he and his co-founder weren't greeted with open arms. What kept him going? He was committed to his idea. "If you're deeply passionate about the things you're doing, all the no's in the world aren't going to stop you. If your'e not truly passionate and committed, you're going to fail," he says."

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Personal development is the key to Campaign Monitor’s business foundation

"For Alex Bard, CEO of Campaign Monitor, an email marketing business for companies, investing in his employees is the right thing to do. Here Bard shares how Campaign Monitor pushes for personal development, which is key to the company's foundation."

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25 executives share their strategies for handling disgruntled customers

"Business Insider asked a handful of executives to share their experiences and how they have handled them. Here’s what Taras Naumenko, head of customer success at Campaign Monitor, said:
Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity, and a negative one - even more so. I personally have had many conversations with customers and partners where we employed what's known as the '5-whys strategy' - where you peel the layers off the problem repeatedly until you discover the core issue. While there may be no obvious solution to the customer's problem if you attack it head-on, after you unpack it you may come up with new creative ways to solve individual components or 'parts' of the issue, ultimately turning the customer around."

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Lessons from starting a company during the last downturn

"Product-market fit and profitable growth are the biggest factors I consider when investing in a company or working at one. They’re a large part of the reason I joined Campaign Monitor, an email marketing provider that the founders successfully monetized, with no outside investment, for more than 10 years. The past eight years have underscored the cyclical nature of the economy — and the need for businesses built on fundamentals rather than growth-for-growth’s-sake."

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How Silicon Valley is helping shape the election

"Both parties are just a lot more sophisticated in how they think about engaging with voters," said Alex Bard, CEO of email marketing provider Campaign Monitor in San Francisco. "Campaigns are starting to operate much more like sophisticated SMBs (small- and medium-sized businesses)." Bard said that political campaigns using his company's technology now send out nine to 10 targeted emails a day, up from one or two in February. Between 30 percent and 40 percent of those messages are opened, compared with the industry average of 20 percent, he said.

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Publishers turn to email to engage with readers

Kraig Swensrud, CMO at Campaign Monitor, says that email newsletters are one of the five top traffic drivers to, which has been working with Campaign Monitor for three years.

“What’s really interesting about BuzzFeed is that they’ve taken it to a whole new extreme,” says Swensrud. “It’s amazing to see how they’ve grown -- they’re a big pioneer in leveraging emails in the publishing industry.”

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How Campaign Monior wins the war for developer talent

The quality of employees is directly related to quality of product, and as a product-led company, COO Craig Shull said a continual focus on product helps keep Campaign Monitor in the leadership quadrant of email marketing companies.

“Our customers consistently say that our support team is one of the core reasons that they utilize our system,” said Shull, who adds that the company consistently rates as having one of the highest net promoter scores in the email marketing industry.

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Five Minutes With: Kraig Swensrud, CMO of Campaign Monitor

"In the marketing technology landscape, we see a lot of companies trying to be everything to everyone. With that kind of technology, marketing becomes heavily dependent upon IT and developers, and that makes getting to the marketing part hard. As a result, we're seeing a DIY movement--technology that marketers can use to create beautiful, on-brand messages, all on their own. Marketing technology categories are now being led by companies that drive simplicity."

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Campaign Monitor relaunches to bring enterprise personalization features to small businesses

Year after year, email consistently scores outsized ROI compared to other digital channels. Campaign Monitor’s stated 150,000+ paying customers in the hyper-competitive SMB email-service provider market is a testament to that. The company has been growing month over month in the 10 years that it’s been around. This year, it’s relaunching with some major feature improvements — on the heels of a $250 million round from Insight Venture Partners.

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Introducing the All-New Campaign Monitor, Ushering in a New Era of Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor, the leader in simple and elegant email marketing software for business, today announced the All-New Campaign Monitor, ushering in a new era of do-it-yourself email marketing. The All-New Campaign Monitor delivers the most powerful drag-and-drop email design experience, empowering the creation of beautiful, branded, highly personalized campaigns. Now every marketer can easily deliver pixel-perfect messages to every inbox and device.

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CMO interview: Why Campaign Monitor’s CMO was born for data-driven marketing

“There is a megatrend that is happening in marketing technology, which is the move to do it yourself. Because these tools are always getting simpler and easier to use and move cost effective, and because the vendors themselves are doing some of the hard work of plugging the technologies together, they work together out of the box. That is making it easier and easier for marketers to take advantage of these technologies, and that is going to continue for years to come.”

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Australia aims to foster tech boom in face of mining bust

Campaign Monitor is one of several Australian technology companies tipped to float in the near future. Set up in 2004 by Ben Richardson and David Greiner, the company was self-funded until it raised US$250m from Insight Partners last year.

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Campaign Monitor Rolls With Native Email Survey To Gain Customer Feedback

Campaign Monitor on Tuesday announced the native integration of GetFeedback's survey software into its email marketing platform. Email marketers can now collect customer feedback with branded, mobile-ready surveys that plug into any email with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature. The company also provides sample surveys and templates for its customers to use.

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One Year after Being Acquired, GetFeedback Triples in Size

GetFeedback, the world's fastest growing online survey software application, today announced tripled business growth and a new unified email marketing and online survey product experience just one year after being acquired by leading email marketing company, Campaign Monitor.

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The shared secret to Campaign Monitor and Atlassian’s success

Campaign Monitor has doubled in size this year and expanded to a huge new office in Sydney. The startup now has well over 100 employees, a number that will increase to at least 200 by the end of this financial year. “It’s been the most exciting year in the company’s history,” Swensrud says.

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Campaign Monitor Announces New Retail-Specific Solution

Email marketing software company Campaign Monitor today announced its first industry-specific solution: Campaign Monitor for Retail. Campaign Monitor for Retail is "a set of best practices, tips and tricks, and product integrations into eCommerce systems," says Kraig Swensrud, CMO at Campaign Monitor. "It’s a playbook for retail companies to help them become more effective at email marketing."

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Campaign Monitor Introduces New Email Marketing Solution – Campaign Monitor for Retail

Campaign Monitor, the leading provider of simple and elegant email marketing software for business, today introduced Campaign Monitor for Retail. Email marketing is the single most effective channel for retailers to drive new traffic to an online store and re-market to existing customers. Developed by analyzing the successes of 20,000 retail customers, Campaign Monitor for Retail makes it easy for any retailer to announce new products and promotions, automate personalized messages for every customer, and drive increased revenue for their business.

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How to drive holiday sales with email marketing

The holiday rush is imminent. Along with your hot cocoa, you'll need a plan to capture eager holiday shoppers. In 2014, more than 27 percent of ecommerce sales on Black Friday came from email marketing, and more than one-third (35 percent) of holiday shoppers say they used retailers' emails to keep track of deals.

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CMO Corner: 5 Questions for Campaign Monitor

Despite the emergence of new categories, we're seeing a push towards nimble point solutions that make marketing simpler and more effective. These technologies aren't the complex platform du jour, they're proven digital workhorses. For example, email marketing is proven to work for every audience, and delivers the highest ROI in digital marketing.

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Serial entrepreneur: how to overcome ‘no’

Alex Bard, CEO of Campaign Monitor, has helped start four tech companies. USA Today's Laura Mandaro and Array Ventures' Shruti Gandhi ask him about raising money, overcoming naysayers, and starting anew.

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How Campaign Monitor achieves 98% customer satisfaction with 2M customers

We include the customer voice in the product planning cycle. Our support team is equipped with tools that quickly capture a feature, then associate it to a customer record. When we review our product backlog and opportunities; the support organization is a peer voice. Our customers are peers in product strategy.

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Improve your email click-through rate using these five types of social proof

Social proof really works, writes Aaron Beashel. Here he shares some tips on how to take advantage of it in your email marketing.

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Toxic company cultures are easy in tech. Here’s how the new wave is building something better

"There are ten thousand things we could do on any day to grow the company faster," Bard says. "But the only thing I think about every single day is how do we keep each other happy, pumped and excited, because everything else flows from that."

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How I Succeeded: Campaign Monitor’s Craig Shull

"Emphasising transparency in everything builds trust. Whether it’s building trust with your employees, customers or partners, do whatever you can to make sure that transparency runs deeply into every part of a business’ DNA."

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5 priorities for every first-year leader

Relentless, ongoing conversation is incredibly important for sustaining relationships, building trust and maintaining alignment. Just when you think you've communicated enough, there's always a benefit in communicating more.

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Getting the Most from Your Email Content

Email marketers have for years trudged unceasingly toward the goal of true personalization as the key toward better ROI. According to email marketing platform Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subject lines are 26 percent more likely to be opened, and marketers have seen a 760 percent increase in email revenue from sending segmented, personalized campaigns.

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Australia’s Biggest Tech VC Firm On What’s Happening Right Now

The ecosystems in Sydney and Melbourne have grown up dramatically in the past few years. The key ingredient is lighthouse companies like Atlassian, Envato, Halfbrick Studios and Campaign Monitor, which then beget a greater number of successful startups in the next generation.

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Study: The key to happiness at work is free snacks

Employees say the presence of snacks and availability of free meals fosters a more collaborative atmosphere and sense of fun. "Everyone comes in and sits at the tables and eats lunch together," says Maura McCormick, an employee at email marketing company Campaign Monitor, in San Francisco. Campaign Monitor provides free breakfast and lunch every day, along with a full kitchen of snacks, such as hummus and vegetables, string cheese and fresh-pressed "green" juice. They also host a team happy hour every Friday with a fully stocked in-office bar.

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Low-Cost Email Service Becomes Available on Salesforce

"We give SMBs enterprise-level functions like A/B testing, automation, and campaign reporting. It's an email marketing system that they can scale up as they go," Swensrud says.Campaign Monitor for Salesforce is available to Salesforce customers at no additional cost on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Best Places To Work 2015

Campaign Monitor listed as a top 10 best place to work in Australia for companies less than 100 employees.

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Shop, Play Games and Check Twitter – From Your Inbox

"Really, email marketing for businesses continues to be, as recent as this year, the highest performing marketing channel for companies," says Kraig Swensrud, the chief marketing officer of email marketing firm Campaign Monitor. A McKinsey report published last year found email helped surveyed companies attract nearly 40 times as many customers as Facebook and Twitter combined.

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5 rules for the new era of email marketing

Marketers have come to embody many roles: DIY artist, brand ambassador, data scientist and communicator extraordinaire, among others. In this new and ever-evolving role, marketers are responsible for over delivering on customer expectations and proving that those efforts drove immediate revenue. It's a new era, and one in which email marketing is more powerful than ever before.

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These are the Australian offices with hands down the best work perks

Forget cooking ahead or trying to think of inventive lunch ideas — the 80 staff at Campaign Monitor in Sydney order their lunch through an app (they developed themselves) and their team of in-house chefs whip up something fresh using local, sustainable, free range produce. "The chefs keep nutrition at front of mind when preparing meals, to ensure that employees are well cared for," says Steven Carroll, head of employee success.

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3 Ways Email Is Embracing the Trends That Were Supposed to Make It Obsolete

The best email teams also don't work in a vacuum. Instead, they collaborate regularly with other key marketing teams overseeing the social, advertising or direct pieces of a campaign. The lessons learned from one often translate easily to another. "I think that today's marketers largely don't look at one digital channel as a silo," said Kraig Swensrud, chief marketing officer for Campaign Monitor. "They look at what's happening and what's working across these different channels."

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Campaign Monitor rescues generated emails for marketers

Today, email marketing platform Campaign Monitor is announcing a new transactional email capability that puts those generated emails within its marketer-focused drag-and-drop platform, providing what it describes as the first service of its kind.

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Campaign Monitor Announces New Email Service

"Campaign Monitor today announced what it claims is the first transactional email service designed and built for marketers. The new service is built directly into Campaign Monitor's existing platform. The service aims to allow marketers to make every email a branded experience, with features such as a drag-and-drop email builder, out-of-the-box mobile readiness, optimization and testing tools, advanced personalization and segmentation, and rich reporting."

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Campaign Monitor Updates its Platform

"Increasingly marketers look at these emails as customer communications," Campaign Monitor CMO Kraig Swensrud told CMSWire. "But they have not been in control of these transactional emails." They should be, he said. They need control over every brand touchpoint of the customer experience. They want to cross-promote products as their business changes. "They want to treat them like marketer emails instead of IT and developers emails," Swensrud said.

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Campaign Monitor Redefines Email Marketing For Business—Empowers Marketers with New Transactional Email Service

Campaign Monitor, the leading provider of simple and elegant email marketing software for business, today announced the first transactional email service designed and built for marketers. Campaign Monitor’s decade of success in email marketing has propelled the company to become a category leader with millions of customers at more than 120,000 companies worldwide. The new transactional email service is built directly into Campaign Monitor’s existing platform, empowering marketers with the most comprehensive set of do-it-yourself email marketing capabilities.

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Interview with Andrea Wildt, Vice President of Demand Generation & Marketing Operations at Campaign Monitor

"Personally I see a lot of companies trying to be everything to everyone. With that kind of technology, marketing needs IT and developers, and that becomes hard. So now among my peers and colleagues I’m seeing a back-to-basics trend. We want to get our stuff out the door. We want it to be beautiful, on-brand, and we want to be able to do it ourselves. Campaign Monitor is focused on being able to empower marketers to execute."

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Campaign Monitor’s CEO has this one piece of advice for aspiring startup founders

"Don’t go at it alone." It’s the one piece of advice serial entrepreneur and Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard has for aspiring startup founders. Speaking at a startup event in the company’s Sydney office this week, the witty and insightful exec drew on his experiences of launching help desk software company Assistly in 2009, a startup which was sold to Marc Benioff’s Salesforce in 2011 for $50 million, where it was renamed

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Supercharge App Downloads With Email Marketing

"Email marketing has a much higher ROI than Twitter and Facebook," said Kraig. "It’s also relatively inexpensive. Another advantage is that emails are likely part of a company’s CRM platform."

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How To Stay Relevant When Your Email Subscribers Are Always On The Move

Traditionally, email marketers have used preference centers to determine where a subscriber is located along with other important demographic data such as age and gender. Unfortunately, many subscribers will only ever update their preferences once, meaning that this data can quickly become stale. This is why it makes much more sense to segment and personalize your emails based on your subscribers’ last seen location rather than where they said they lived when they signed up. Many ESPs (email service providers) allow you to do this now because they track the IP location of where your subscriber last opened.

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4 ways to keep an international workforce aligned and engaged

Ensuring this success by designing a communication architecture and clear escalation path for information is the difference between stagnation and growth, particularly with a global workforce.

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Email marketing is alive and well, at least for now

Email is the thoroughbred in many marketing portfolios. Newsletters are resurging, the death of email has been inaccurately reported," Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard told Fortune in early June. His company counts Coca-Cola, Disney and Fitbit among its roughly 120,000 customers. Campaign Monitor figures spending on email campaigns will grow 20% annually, reaching $6.5 billion by 2018.

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Bloggers Need To Learn To Love Email: Top Tactics And Ideas

If you are currently collecting email addresses and not sending on a regular basis, I suggest you make it very clear that you’re not actively emailing yet, but you will begin in the near future and your emails are going to be awesome! My previous Marketing Land column outlines how to create an email strategy from scratch.

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Australian Start-Ups Lure Silicon Valley Money

"Entrepreneurship is alive and well outside Silicon Valley," said Ryan Sweeney, a partner at Accel. "We pride ourselves on our hustle." Over the last four years, Accel has invested about $200 million in six Australian and New Zealand companies: Atlassian, Xero, Campaign Monitor, Invoice2go, 99designs and OzForex.

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Email marketing providers: Evolve or die

Kraig Swensrud, CMO of Campaign Monitor, says there’s a place for a spectrum of offerings: "Over the past 10 years, a lot of the vendors that have started as ESPs have morphed into marketing automation cloud suites. In my previous role as CMO at Salesforce, it cost me $1M and took a year to implement a ‘marketing platform.’ It’s awesome for the world’s richest and most sophisticated companies. But there are only 500 companies in the Fortune 500. There are millions of other businesses that don’t have $1M and a year to get something done."

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Integrating an acquisition: 3 approaches that don’t starve young companies

The hardest part of any acquisition is the day after the deal closes. It's a time when the PowerPoints are archived, paperwork is filed and the real challenges and opportunities begin. At the core, every acquisition is about people. No matter the specifics of the situation, it's the leadership's responsibility to communicate clearly, set expectations and keep everyone aligned and engaged.

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The Aussie email marketing gurus

Despite the growth of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, email marketing is still effective. According to a report released by management consultant firm McKinsey last year, email is nearly 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. "A recent report by Forrester found that US adults were twice as likely to sign up for emails to stay in touch with a brand than to interact with that brand on Facebook," Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard says.

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Here’s what Campaign Monitor’s new boss is going to do with the Australian startup which he almost didn’t join

Alex Bard has been quick to establish his place at Australian email marketing startup Campaign Monitor. Founded about ten years ago by Ben Richardson and Dave Greiner, Campaign Monitor last year took a whopping $US250 million investment from a round led by Insight Venture Partners.

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5 strategies for running a company in a hyper-growth stage

Entrepreneurs often ask how to successfully run a growth company. The response is simple: Do what you love, surround yourself with people you love and make an impact. While this may sound simple enough, putting it to work requires discipline and investment.

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Top 50 Male Entrepreneurs

Over the past 12 or so months, not only has Campaign Monitor had the largest amount of capital injected into an Australian tech startup in history, but the company recently bought the platform GetFeedback giving them further reach and an instant team to leverage as it continued in its international expansion pursuits. Campaign Monitor also moved into a new city based headquarters this year.

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How to hack your email for growth

Campaign Monitor is a great ESP that promotes good quality email management. If you are prone to rinsing your database, sending out poor campaigns and have a high scrub rate, Campaign Monitor don’t want you using their platform and will quickly let you know. At your disposal is information on open rate, click through, scrub, bounce, individual link clicks, email open time, geographic location and more.

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Campaign Monitor plans hiring spree as part of growth push

Campaign Monitor, the email marketing software company that scooped Australia's largest-ever venture capital investment tech start-up last year, is planning a local hiring spree for staff to work at a new Sydney CBD office.

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Inside Campaign Monitor’s insane new office, 40 storeys above the Sydney CBD

For a company which aims to make it simpler for businesses to send well-designed emails on every device, surroundings promoting creativity and collaboration were part of the design brief. Obstacles to collaboration had to be removed. Within the office they settled on, a big chunk of expensive CBD floor space was removed to make room for internal stairs. Company CMO Kraig Swensrud said the decision was made because getting in an elevator would be a barrier to collaboration.

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Campaign Monitor makes Sydney jump, promises hiring spree

NSW email marketing software firm Campaign Monitor has made the leap to Sydney, announcing a new Australian HQ along with plans to double headcount and contribute 3,000 paid community service hours for employees.

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In an increasingly cross-channel world, Campaign Monitor sticks to what pays

Campaign Monitor’s commitment to elegance and simplicity (but at the same time providing just the right kind of advanced features) serves a huge, growing base of customers that might make it perfect snap-on email tool, a sort of middle ground between ExactTarget and MailChimp.

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Campaign Monitor: A Robust Email Service for Agency or Business

The folks at Campaign Monitor have even put their email template builder out there for anyone to use! They’ve also kept the industry’s best guide for CSS support in email client applications. A great email editor, segmentation, an API, and custom templating engine are also part of the Campaign Monitor platform. Be sure to add them to your list of ESPs to review!

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Simple and elegant – the future of email marketing that works

The company’s thesis is that email marketing remains ‘the digital workhorse’, but while businesses want to personalise customer interactions, this requires too much time and energy. Addressing this, Campaign Monitor users can now create workflows to send personalized emails triggered by: Someone joining a list, A specific date, An anniversary of a date, Site or blog updates.

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Campaign Monitor develops automation tool to help send personalized email

Email marketing software provider Campaign Monitor has today announced a new email automation tool to help businesses personalise their interactions with customers. The automation tool, which will allow users to send personalized emails triggered by events such as a new subscriber joining a list, a specific date or anniversary, or blog updates, has been fully integrated into the Campaign Monitor suite at no additional charge.

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Campaign Monitor Delivers Email Automation

Campaign Monitor, a provider of simple and elegant email marketing software for business, today announced email automation for the rest of us. The new email automation takes the simplicity of self-service experience and marries it with the power of an enterprise marketing suite to enable businesses to send beautiful and relevant messages to customers and influencers at exactly the right time.

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How to get your own email newsletter off the ground

Campaign Monitor gives you control over your emails and landing pages. It features an easy to use drag-and-drop email interface and templates to get you started.

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Aussies know rugby, Uggs and Shiraz. But tech?

"This is a company that's been profitable since day one," said Alex Bard, a former executive vice president who joined Campaign Monitor as chief executive officer in September. "We wanted to have enough dry gunpowder to do the things we wanted to do to execute on our mission and the market opportunity in front of us." Campaign Monitor is putting that money to work, announcing last week the opening of its North American headquarters in San Francisco, along with plans to double in size, adding 100 employees in 2015.

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Campaign Monitor Hires Up, The Hottest 10 Year Old Startup Comes To Town

Another example of a different way of doing things comes from another Aussie company, Campaign Monitor. The company was founded by a couple of Aussie mates, Ben Richardson and Dave Greiner and, since its inception, has been self funded. That’s ten years of being profitable. Every. Single. Month. 130,000 paying customers helps when it comes to that. High-profile customers include BuzzFeed, Coca-Cola KO -0.4%, Disney, Rip Curl, and the San Diego Chargers.

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Following $250 Million Investment, Campaign Monitor Opens North America Headquarters in San Francisco

Campaign Monitor, a provider of simple and elegant email marketing software for business, today announced the opening of its North America headquarters, the appointment of key Silicon Valley executives and a commitment to grow its team by 100 new employees in the next 12 months. Campaign Monitor’s North America team will be based in a new office at Howard Street and Second Street in San Francisco’s SOMA district.

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