One Client - Many senders

I have a client who want to give the ability to its staff to send out a HTML email at Christmas time. Each staff member could login, upload a list of email address (from excel etc) and then send it out to a pre-designed email. The email would be personalized with the name etc. The email would either come from a fixed address or the current users email address.

Is this possible?

Many thanks


Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Without knowing the excact situation of your client, one option might be to send the email to his staff members, and let them use the forward-to-a-friend feature?

They can then use their own name and email, and send to five addresses at a time, with an optional message at the top of the email.

He'll also only have to send it once, and only to a few addresses, so it could save him some money too.


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