News/Alert feature on Mailbuild

Just a suggestion - at the moment I use the Mailbuild log-in screen on my own site to post up newly added features, Mailbuild hints and tips, new template availability, etc... BUT it would be great to see this feature added to Mailbuild so that I could send my clients bespoke messages within the system.

For example.

If I add a new template, I want them to see a heading called 'What's new' on their 'Welcome to your account' page and under that I want to be able to add a message saying 'New trilingual templates available' plus a short item. A blog that allows me to publish to one client at a time, or to many at once, would be ideal.

Any thoughts?


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Jim, that's certainly a cool suggestion, thanks for sharing. I'll pass it around the team, but i the mean time, boring old email to the client might have to suffice.

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