inline styles stripped?

I've been designing emails for quite some time now, and in that time, I've totally moved away from using any CSS except for some inline styling for things like font styling. Recently, a client received test emails and found that it looked different than in our email. It basically was removing anything inline so that it looked like style="". The only thing we could conclude was that they were on a MS Exchange server and it must be stripping it out. Is this an issue that anyone else has had? I hate to rely on inline styles if some users won't see them.

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi amkdesigner. I've seen a few email servers that will strip out styles as part of their spam protection. Sometimes they'll leave something in the code, like DEFANGED that let you know what happened.  Are they using Outlook to view the emails in? Another possibility is Outlook will sometimes strip out anything but basic HTML if it thinks the email is spam.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
amkdesigner, 9 years ago

I believe they were using Outlook 07, so we tested here in Outlook 07 as well and it was fine. I suppose that they could have had different settings selected... Thanks for the reply!

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