Problem with remote anchor links


I have an email with article descriptions that link to a page that holds the full articles. I'm using anchor links to have the reader jump directly to the full article they are interested in, like so:

My client is reporting that the anchors do not work with her browser, which is IE 6. The links always take her to the top of the page. Now the reason I am posting this here is because when I tested this from within IE 6, and not an email client, it worked. So my conclusion is that the problem is caused from the email client (she is using Outlook).

IE 7 had no issue jumping to the anchors, and I'm using both IDs and the 'name' attribute.

Anyone have any ideas?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

I've personally seen inconsistent behaviour from Outlook with these anchors, which makes it very tricky. I'd suggest starting with a very simple test case, to see if they work at all for you.

Make sure your email is long enough to actually be able to scroll too.

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