first i m french, so sorry for possible errors in my english..
i m new to this forum and also CM tool website;

i used to send 6 small campaigns for one client.
i managed subscribers lists with name, email and one custom field for category
so its quit simple.

but i cant find this custom field on basic extraction, and this is strange to me. this info is capital for my client to proceed to analysis after the campaign is finished unless they have to recross all lines with original excel file.
horrible process...

and i dont really like the way extraction works for reports, because informations are separated, there is no real report for each campaign, its all separated

i think i could hire one developper to work with your API but i need to be sure that what i want is possible to create:
i need one final report for each campaign with a complete list in a table of :
- name
- email
- extra fields like my 'category'
- email read yes / no / html / webbasedversionlink and date +hour
- number of clicked links and detailed list

tell me your opinion so i could think about it for real and find someone to dev that quicly



just4id, 9 years ago

simple detail .. because i m not sure to be clear.
my question was specially to know if all those infos were available from the API...

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