Display mail campaigns on my website automaticaly with php


I'd like to know how to display my last campains on a website that i'm coding.

I've found this topic :


But I don't have the menu "clients", neither the menu "create newsletter archive" ...

Here's what i have on my home page :


I'm a newbie ...

Please help me, i'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance !!!!!

mboercker, 1 year ago

Hello there! Thanks for the great question!

I can understand your confusion! You've got the "agency" version of that help doc, not the "direct customer" version, which is what you'll want. That can be found here: http://help.campaignmonitor.com/topic.aspx?t=1238 .

I hope that helps! Thanks again :)

Alejandr0wt, 1 year ago

Hey !

Firstly, I thank you for your politeness.
Despite this, I can't find any "archives of sent campains" ...
When I click on my profile pic on the top right, I have this menu :

"Setting and people,

How should I do that ? Should I ask the agency that is providing us the service ? I don't understand how it works, and I wasn't there when it was adopted by the society where I'm working ...

Thank you in advance for your response !

Alejandr0wt, 1 year ago

Could anybody help ? Is is possible or not ? I have to know ...

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