Is the Preference Center supposed to show populated (not empty) form?

When I do a test send with data from an actual user and include the <preferences> link and click it, I get a blank (unfilled) preference center.

Here is a screen shot:

Is that form supposed to be populated with thier record data?


mboercker, 1 year ago

Hi Clay, and thanks for the great question! You won't see the preference center pre-populated with subscriber data when accessing the preference center through a test send.

A quick way to make sure it'll pre-populate for your subscribers is to do the following: send the campaign to yourself and/or members of your team. Sends to five or fewer recipients are always free :)

Click on the preference center link within the campaign you receive. You should see your own information pre-filled in the form when you click the link. If all looks good, you can duplicate the sent campaign to resend it to the intended subscriber list.

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