How to style tags like <unsubscribe>, <webversion>, etc.

Hello everyone,

First of all I am new to e-mail design and to Campaign Monitor. I have read many of the tutorials and guides on this page, as well as searched on the forums and I have yet to find an answer to my (many!) questions.

In this case it is about a custom-made template that I am building. In it, the footer is meant to be of a different background color as the rest of the template. The footer has the tags for unsubscribing and changing the mail preferences: <unsubscribe> and <preferences> with their respective closing tags.

The footer is meant to be of a dark brown color, and the text and links in it are meant to be white. Everything works, except for <unsubscribe> and <preferences>. How can I solve this?

I have tried using a <font face="" color=""></font>, from the css making the text white and adding !important, as well as putting these tags within <span></span> with inline css style. Nothing I've done so far works.

I do not have a template to show because I had to start over but I am slowly making my way through.

Many thanks in advance.

goatlady goatlady, 1 year ago

You can add style attributes directly to the Campaign Monitor template tags, eg:

<webversion style="color:#FFF">web version</webversion>

That works for any of the template tags that actually output html - i.e. it works for <webversion>, <preferences>, <unsubscribe> etc as the tag gets replaced with an <a> and any attributes are passed through, but not <singleline> or <multiline> as they aren't actually replaced with any html.

I realise your message was from a coupe of weeks ago - hope that helps and it's not too late :)

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