Webhook for email replies


I don't believe this functionality exists, but I am curious if it is in development or on the product roadmap.  Are there plans for the API to have a webhook for email replies? 

For example, if someone replies to a transactional email sent through Campaign Monitor, then the reply data payload would be posted to the webhook URL for processing (subject, body, other email meta data).


Mercer, 1 year ago

Hey there Corey,

Great question! We don't currently have this on our immediate roadmap, but we do know that implementing and creating more webhooks is something that our customers are super keen on. Thanks for reaching out about this one, specifically, so that we can track interest in individual types of webhooks. The best place to find out any information about new features or functionalities would be the blog—that's always the first place we'll post information, so I'd keep your eyes peeled there too!

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