Oauth question, authorization_code

Hi guys,

I have a little problem and i couldnt find the solution in the api docs.
After redirecting from an auth authentication, the docs says i should POST to this url:


According to the docs i should send this data:

    Details of POST data:
        grant_type Must be authorization_code
        client_id The client_id as per step 1.
        client_secret This must be the secret you received when you registered your application.
        code The code as per step 3.
        redirect_uri The redirect_uri as per step 1.

So my question is where/what is authorization_code?. There is no mention of it.


Luis Gonzalez

luis8, 1 year ago

Okay, nevermind. For some reason i thought it should be a variable, but it should be literally 'authorization_code'.

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