Outlook.com links and <singleline> or <multiline> problems

I want to get rid of the blue underline style on links in outlook.com.

So I know this isn't a new problem (outlook stripping all CSS off links). The only answer that keeps cropping up is to have inline CSS in the link itself...

<a href="" style="color:black!important;text-decoration:none!important;">

That seams fine for anyone able to code the link each time. But what about when you use the code...

<singleline> or <multiline>

Singleline makes a design editable by any user where they add text and links through a Campaign Monitor editor. This means they can't add any inline style in the link.

Im already using !important; in all the relevant CSS in the head. Is there a solution for this? Where I can get rid of the blue underlines on all my links but still use <singleline> or <multiline>


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