Dynamic content with overlapping segments


I just noticed the dynamic content conditionals on the email builder, and they are a very powerful feature!

Before we use it, I just want to make sure that what I think will happen actually happens with it:

We have segmented our list according to the person's contact plus the product(s) they own.
The dynamic content on the email is the contact info of the correct contact person. Easy.

But, the email will be actually sent to a different, but overlapping segment - the product they have.

So the question is, if I send an email to a segment of Has Widget X, but the dynamic content is based on the segments Contact Person Mark and Contact Person John, will the recipients see it?

The preview works OK, but I thought it's better to verify this.

davidaf davidaf, 2 years ago

Hi jpjoki,

Both segments and dynamic content is based on custom field data, so as long as the data in the custom field data matches up with how you've set up the dynamic content the segments individuals are in won't be a factor.

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