Gmail changes background-size property from cover to contain - fix?

Hi all,

As title and username state, gmail sucks and is pissing me off beyond belief. I know gmail doesn't accept background-size (that would make things too easy for us), so I'm using:

background: #4d463b url(header.jpg) no-repeat center center / cover;

The issue is that gmail changes cover to contain for some stupid reason. I've tried everything and can't find any suitable workaround. I can't be the only person to try using background-size:cover in email so I know there has to be a workaround for this somehow, I'm just not finding it.


gmailsucks, 2 years ago

Just to clarify, the email works fine in every single other device/browser (including all versions of Outlook). It's just gmail that is causing havoc.

talvins, 2 years ago

Hi, could you provide your code ? However, it's strange because none Outlook versions, nor Gmail and support background-size.

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