Template appearance on mobile

Hi there, I have a template that doesn't appear to be showing as expected on mobile. From what I can tell the media query is correct for the CSS however the email shows up thinner than other templates that were created and used before. If anyone is happy to take a quick look at the code I would really appreciate it.

The link to view the email is: http://stryde.cmail1.com/t/ViewEmail/j/93CB068F18A4B496

However if you would like me to paste the code in let me know.

Thanks in advance!!


kairav22, 2 years ago

it look great on me, how do you expect it appeared?

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natdesigns, 2 years ago

The previous templates use to appear full width to match the mobile screen but now the size of it isn't looking as responsive. Would you or anyone know of what could be causing this?

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