Current connected user details / SSO sessions

Hi there -

I have been looking at and playing with your API and can't seem to find a way to find out which user I am connected as. Is this at all possible?

I am connecting via OAuth and would like to be able to display the email/name of the user account that is being used.

Associated to this is the fact that if I wanted to create an external session using your SSO functionality I would have to know the email address that I wanted to connect as. A possible solution to this would be to default the session to the OAuth connected user if no email is provided.

Has anyone come across this before? Has anyone got a solution or even a work around? Or am I doomed?

Thanks all.

ericam ericam, 2 years ago

Hey, there!

Erica here, from the support team. Thanks for getting in touch! :)

Would you mind contacting support? I have a developer ready to help you implement this, but he'll need account details and such.

If you could just send an email to, ask for me, and then I'll put you in touch with Phil. :)

// Erica M | Support Admin

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