Need design help ASAP

Hi i need help finding a designer who can help with a (hopefully) quick job. I posted this elsewhere but it seems this forum might have been better.

I designed a custom html template to use with the Campaign Monitor API - on the backend everything is working just fine but the email is displaying all bonkers in outlook (2007-current). I assume that it is something to do with how I did the inline styles or nested tables. I'm looking for someone who is experienced troubleshooting display issues, specifically with Outlook.

Here is a link to a screenshot to what our template should look like: here is

a link to what it looks like in Outlook: suggestions on someone who could help me would be much appreciated.

mtkhan mtkhan, 2 years ago


It might be a bit too late but if you are still having any problems get in touch ( and I'll love to help you out.



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