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I'm using a subscribe form, I'm wondering if there is a way to set the destination of the thanks page URL in the CM generated html rather than at the point I create the form in CM, hope that makes sense.

The reason I ask is, I'm testing locally using the local URL, when I move to the live server I will need to go thorough the steps of creating a new form and changing the URL.



davidaf davidaf, 2 years ago

Hi Wayne,

The thank you page is set on the list itself, not tied to the form, so you can set it on the list and no matter where the form is published, or which form you use, it will always go to the page you've defined for that list. To do that, you can visit the list page, then on the righthand side follow the "Customize Landing Pages" link. I hope that helps!

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DesWork, 2 years ago

Thanks for the reply,

I was hoping I could set "the success page after they submit the form" within the form HTML.

For testing purposes the URL is set to my local development site. When the site goes live the URL will change. It would be easier if I could have updated the URL on my files.

Thanks again


Phil1, 7 months ago

Found this thread looking for a similar thing. Something like this would be useful <input name="cm-redirect" type="hidden" value="" />

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