Rest Api Calls from Zoho Creator


New to Campaign Monitor and trying to setup api from Zoho Creator to add new subscriber, keep getting a 401 response.

Have ye any plans for an intergration?

I have setup a Zap on Zapier, but would prefer to have the api directly from Zoho Creator.


Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 2 years ago

Hey Damien,

We don't actually create any integrations at all, these are all created by 3rd parties.

The 401 Unauthorized message means there is an issue authenticating your request, or you may well be entering some incorrect details somewhere to cause the call to the API to fail. If you email support with your account details (just send us your account URL), and the details on the method you're calling, we'll then take a look into the history to see if we can help you there.

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