How to specify a default color for (template) generated links?

What is the best way to choose a default color for a link that is generated by my custom template?

I've done this code:

<singleline label='PhotoCaption' style="Color:#9c0202;">Click the image above to view the full video interview</singleline>

When the user goes to edit the single line of text, in the CM editor - you can "Make text a link" but it makes it the default blue color.  How do I style it to another color?  I'd like to do it automatically with an inline style, but I don't even see how to change the color in the editor.


davidaf davidaf, 2 years ago

Hey Mike,

Thanks for posting in the forums! :) You'll want to add the styles in header and let the system bring them inline on your links, that would really be the best way to do it.

Additionally, the <singleline> tag won't support the style tag, but you can always wrap code around the tag like so:

<span style="color:#9c0202;"><singleline label='PhotoCaption'>Click the image to view the full video interview</singleline></span>

However, that won't address the color once it's turned into a link - with that you'll need a style defined in the header for links:

a {color:#9c0202;}

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mikemdg, 2 years ago

Thanks David.
I had actually wrapped <span> tags around the content to give it a default or "suggested" look for whoever is filling it out.

I thought about using css in the header, but wasn't sure it would take, since it's not inline.  But I see your point... when it runs the template through the Campaign Monitor system I guess it would populate the inline styles! Makes sense.

I'll give that a try, thanks for your help!

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