Resubscribing Deleted Users


I'm working on an app that pulls data from a client management system. In some cases, the data from the system will no longer include previous subscribers (moving from one client segment to another), so I've set up our app to delete those subscribers from the first list so they won't be in both lists.

What I'm trying to figure out is if there is a way to add those subscribers back into the list programmatically. When I added the deleted subscribers back into the segment from which they were deleted by running an API import command, the subscribers were still in the deleted section of the list in Campaign Monitor.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Carissa Carissa, 2 years ago

Hi mranderson, Welcome to our forum!

When moving a subscriber from an inactive status (Unsubscribed, Deleted, etc.) to active status, you'll need to include the Resubscribe parameter with a value of 'true'.

We have details on that in our API docs as well.

Hope that's the last missing piece and you're all set!

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