Tip: Using Dynamic Content Templates with RSS to show/hide content.

Thanks to the help of the CM support team, we figured out a way to show/hide sections of RSS content. Hopefully this will help others.

We have an email template that has many different sections, and each section has what we want to be optional rss feeds.

Each section is in a TR, so we wrapped dynamic content tags around a TR.

<tr id=”Section1”>
<!-- content with datarepeater here -->

For each TR section we created a custom field in our imported list, with "Yes" or "No". In one sample we have 12 sample fields corresponding to sections in the email.

Excel Columns:

Name, Email, showSection1,....
Jane doe, you@email.com, Yes,..
balthazar balthazar, 2 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing this, Jennifer! :)

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