Maximum length for all tags in AOL - can you help?

I couldn't work out why some of my alt tags were not displaying in AOL, with images switched off.

Eg. "Buy Now"  was displaying but "Exclusive online offer Great offers on selected bird feeders and dining stations" was not.

I then reduced the above to just "Exclusive online offer" and the alt tag displayed.


1. There's obviously a max length for AOL alt tags - does anyone know what this is?
2. Do any other email clients have a similar constraint?

Thanks!, 2 years ago

I've resolved this using trial and error. 

The issue is there IS a max length for alt tags in AOL but it is not based on the length of the alt tag. Instead it is based on the width of the specific element.

For example:
I have a header image 600px wide and it allowed max 64 characters.
I have 3 product images side by side, width 198px each. The maximum it would allow is 21 characters.

I'm not sure if this is a recent issue with AOL or is a long running known issue.

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