Deleting elements vs. sections

Would CM consider adding a confirmation to the "delete a section" button? Or, better yet, provide an "undo"?

We've had people inadvertently erase whole sections of content, thinking they were deleting a single element within a section. Unfortunately, the actions are non-reversible. It has happened to more that one individual here, and I'm thinking that the two types of "deletes" are maybe presented too similarly?

davidaf davidaf, 2 years ago

Hey there,

That's another great idea, thanks! I've added a vote for you for this ability to "undo" deletions in our internal feature wish list. We'll be sure to write back if this we do this in the future!

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drivers1122, 2 years ago

Will you be developing a canvas builderCV0-001
- so that agencies can design their own templates easily within the platform?

kenzie25, 2 years ago

this might not gonna happen soon.

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