Create clickable link to change property in Subscriber's record

I'd like to ask our subscribers a question every now and then about their needs.
I'd like the results to be stored in their record/profile.

Ex, I might say :

Click here if you are a Speech Therapist
Click here if you are a patient or caregiver

So I'm hoping there's a way to like build a link:$myCompany/SubscriberID/SubscriberField/?Type=Therapist
(and same but ?Type=patient)

Then, when they click on it, it updates.


davidaf davidaf, 2 years ago

Hi Clay,

Great question! Yes this is possible, you need to build the link up using the data you get in your subscribe form code. If you get in touch with us in support we can walk you through it with your specific subscriber list, as it can be a bit complicated, and it's easiest to work with real data. :)

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MrAnalogy, 2 years ago

I just discovered that I can send to multiple lists at once and CM will automatically prevent duplicates.
So.... I need to think more about how I'll use this. Multiple LISTS may do what I need.

I want to some to be able to tell us what "symptoms" they have (this is medical-oriented newsetter).

We could make those sort of "sub newsletters" (we'd call them "special issues or something".

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