Is it possible to import pre-rendered HTML into Campaign Monitor templ

We have some tables which we need to generate on the fly, and they are of different length based on the subscriber. Is it possible to import pre-rendered html into a template on a per-subscriber basis? Would we need to add the html as a field in the subscriber list, and then put it in the template?

Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 2 years ago

Hey petertflem!

You can store HTML within a custom field which you can use to display within the campaign. However, you need to be aware that all custom fields are limited to a maximum of 250 characters, so the HTML will need to be short.

Another alternative would be to consider using our Dynamic Content tags. You could then have a set number of predefined content blocks that will only display dependant on a specific value in a custom field etc. Full details available here:

That may well be a good compromise in displaying specific content to specific users of your campaigns.

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