Webhook returning 401 authentication error

I've never worked with webhooks but have followed the PHP wrapper sample. I have been able to implement create, activate, get, etc. However, when attempting a test, I am getting back an unauthorized response.
Server Error. 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.

    [coode] => 610
    [Message] => The webhook request has failed
    [ResultData] => stdClass Object
            [FailureStatus] => ProtocolError
            [FailureResponseMessage] => Unauthorized
            [FailureResponseCode] => 401
            [FailureResponse] =>

The URL I am POSTing to is behind our CMS authentication. Please advise on how I can receive the POST in this situation. I assume this is a common occurrence.


Phil Phil, 2 years ago

Hi drpudding,

The short answer is that we are unable to call into webhooks which are protected by some kind of password scheme, whether it's cookie-based, or even using HTTP basic auth.

The webhook endpoint will need to be publicly accessible. From a security perspective, you can lock it down to only accept POSTs from our range of IP addresses:

Hope that helps :)

drpudding, 2 years ago

Thanks, Phil. That should work for me.

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