Listening for optin confimations


I'd like to confirm I haven't misunderstood what's possible with the API.

I'd like users of my app to allow me to access their CM account (Oauth2).

Once integrated I want to be able to progmatically subscribe an email to a users list.

Then I'd like to be informed when the email was confirmed i.e. the double opt in was completed (Ill need both the email and list id in the confirmation response)

This most likely requires a webhook back to my apps endpoint.

I dont want my users setting up the endpoints to my app manually in their CM settings (Mailchimp does). I want to do it via the api (CM seems to allow this)

Is the above all possible when acting on behalf of a third party (i.e. my users) ?

Any information greatly appreciated.

Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 2 years ago

Hey robodisco!

All of what you outlined sounds completely possible. So long as the user grants the app the rights to those areas, there is no reason why that shouldn't work at all.

If you get stuck or have questions about the integration as you go, please feel free to post a new question or get in touch!

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