More robust personalization for Subject header in Canvas?

I'm finding that [firstname,fallback=customer] rarely works well for subject line compositions in practice:

— "Hi [firstname,fallback=], we have recommendations for you"
— "Latest offers for you, [firstname,fallback=]"

If the fallback is blank (probably better to avoid using the generic "customer"), you can see that the punctuation becomes problematic.

Could Canvas start supporting if/then logic in the subject line? Or create a simpler mechanism to allow us to tweak what precede directly before and/or after it? May simply providing two fields – a personalized subject line and a fallback subject line – for us to fill in.

I've struggled with it for some time, and it just occurred to me that I could log it as an issue. It would make our subject lines less awkward/limited in terms of expression.

jayc jayc, 2 years ago

Hi uaextension, I'd like to add my +1 to your request. It's something I have wanted in the past, and I stopped experimenting with personalised subject lines when I hit this hurdle.

It has been requested before, too...

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