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I've a bit of a random query ... one I guess I know the answer to but thought I'd throw this out and see if anyone has any suggestions!

A client only wants to show the first four "articles" in a <tableofcontents> .... is there any suggestions as to how this could be done?

Fionnuala Fionnuala, 2 years ago

Hey a_topping!

I'm afraid it isn't possible to limit the amount of articles displayed in the table of contents, however you could create a new layout option for any items your client doesn't want to include in the table of contents section.

Removing the repeatertitle='true' attribute will mean that article won't be displayed in the TOC.

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a_topping, 2 years ago

Hi Fionnuala,

thanks for this - thought so. Suggestion is good though so I can try that for them and see if they're happy.


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