Add dynamic links

I'm using a template to build my newsletter, when I click on one image, I can insert a link.

I would like to insert a tag my link, something like[email];

But when I test the newsletter and sending it, the variable [email] is not the email address of the recipient but stays as [email].

At the end, the link arrives on a 404 page on my site because the URL is[email] and not

Can you help me (I'm working with a template, don't forget) ?

Thank you

breetelg breetelg, 2 years ago

Hi there!

That's odd. I just tried to recreate this in a campaign created with Canvas and with a template made using our older template builder but I wasn't able to get the same results. Would you please email us the details of your account and the template you're working on? We're at

Thanks, hopefully we'll hear from you soon :)

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