Must supply a valid HTTP Basic Authorization header error


when try to get clients list the ruby wrapper returns:

CreateSend::Unauthorized: The CreateSend API responded with the following error - 50: Must supply a valid HTTP Basic Authorization header

I use an api token returned by omniauth authorization flow that have only 'ManageLists' as scope, maybe is this the problem?

Any idea to resolve this issue?


Phil Phil, 2 years ago

Hi byterussian,

ManageLists should be sufficient scope for accessing the lists of a client, and in any case if the scope is incorrect you'll be returned a different error message. So something else is going on here.

My "most likely" guess is that you're not constructing the Authorization header correctly. Are you using the createsend-ruby wrapper and constructing the auth object like this?

You might want to post a sample of your code (obfuscate any tokens/keys first) or send us through a support request so we can take a closer look.

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