ios 8 viewport size

It seems that the new iOS 8 is shrinking emails in the viewport. It looks as if eMails now have a large border on the right and left sides, and the same email in iOS7 would stretch to fit across the viewport. We have a media query that kicks in if the screen is less than 480 pixels, and makes the size 320px wide.

Things I tried:
1. All possible meta viewport combinations, but they have no effect
2. Changing the width of the email3.
3. Changing the width of the media query
4. Changing the actual width of the elements that get resized with the media query

Is there a way to get back to the scale-to fit feature that iOS7 Mail used to have ? Has anyone else discovered this ?

stelly88, 2 years ago

I just downgraded to iOS7, just to make sure about this as sometimes the emulators are not correct -- and it definitely looks like it's something specific to Mac mail on iOS 8.

In iOS 7 we get the html email filling the full width of the viewport -- seems like an iOS8 bug, has anyone found a work-around ?

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