submit form iframe access

I think there is a common problem of handling signup forms after the post of the initial form.

I can style the form, but I cannot style the page that is returned, and I do not want to navigate to another page, so what to do...

My solution was to post to an iframe. But that is only half a solution.
Since the CM response is hosted on another domain I cannot access the response to see what it was.

Is there a way to make the response HTML set

document.domain =

or another way to submit the subscribe that lets me control the process ?

ericam ericam, 2 years ago

Hey, Henrik!

Thanks for getting in touch! I would suggest checking out our integrations options. We've got a bunch of survey and form integrations, each with their own options and features, all of which are capable of pushing subscribers onto your Campaign Monitor lists.

Check these out and let us know if we can help you set any of them up to work with your CM account.

Erica M | Support | Admin

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