signup captcha

I've added a new list and this one gets a CAPTCHA every time I test the signup form. I can't find a place to switch it off.

This is a nuisance since it forces me to have ugly looking signup forms on the site, and show the returned content for the form submit.

If you want to make an actual improvement to the signup form give us an alternative that uses client side code to render all UI.

Making CM forms work properly is turning into quite a workload.

ChrisB ChrisB, 2 years ago

Hi Henrik,

Thanks for getting in touch. Feel free to contact us from our support page ( if you'd like us to take a look at a specific list for you.

But in general, our form code will not generate a captcha when used. This only occurs when your remove the specific ID for the email element in your form and replace it with a value of "email". So if you have the correct ID in the code as generated in your account, the captcha will not show. If you have further questions, please do drop us an email!

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