Sending a test mail


When sending a testmail, it appears that some mailclients(microsoft outlook client + office365 webclient) still get a old template in the mail and the other clients don't.

We need to send out a newsletter today. Is it possible to get a reaction asap. Would help very much.

Thank you in advance!

paulw paulw, 3 years ago

Hi there, sorry to hear about the trouble with! Outlook can often be tricky to work with when creating email campaigns, but we can help. If you are able to send a quick email to support with your account details and the name of the campaign, we can take a look and help out.

Thank you for your help!

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themobilecompany, 3 years ago

Thank you for your reply. I have sent in a mail. Hope to hear from you today if that's possible.

rwkj57, 3 years ago


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