Using Canvas

I saw the video re: using Canvas but when I'm logged in and select a template (Depot) I don't see and of the selectors for customizing that are in the video.  I just have a Header tab and Social and Sharing tab in the left col area.

Is there some other way of getting the other edit options to display?

ChrisB ChrisB, 3 years ago

Hi there! The video is actually showing how to add content to a template for a campaign rather than showing the customization options for a template itself. Under the Templates tab, each Canvas option only show the few options available.

Head over to your Create & Send tab to see everything included in the video!

torweb, 3 years ago

Ahh....makes sense.  Thank you.

torweb, 3 years ago

Is it still possible to edit css elements (color, font colors...nothing that would break the template)?

robotspares, 3 years ago

Can I just ask the same thing?
I've just used canvas, but know the client is going to ask me to change the colour of some headlines, how can I make the same kind of changes I used to be able to make with template builder?
I'd also love to change the background colour of one of the elements.
Can I export the template, make the changes and re-import it?


agent314 agent314, 3 years ago

@robotspares has a great question and mine as well. That was the first thing I noticed. No HTML source. Interesting that nobody has answered this. It's a huge problem, but I think this is deliberate because of something they don't want to talk about. I love CM and have been here 8 years!!! But this kind of sucks, guys. What's the story?  ~Jeff

PS: Just want to add that there are many things about Canvas that I like, but not having even basic customization looks like we were in a hurry to get this to market.

Jeffrey D Brown

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