Styling autogenerated links for Outlook 2007 in Mailbuild


pretty new to this but I have a question to which I can't find the answer.

Currently it's not possible afaik to put inline styles on autogenerated links in mailbuild, as you put link="true" on a template tag and do not have a real 'a' tag to style.

Unless I'm wrong, as a consequence Outlook 2007 renders them with the default link colors, as it doesn't seem to pick up styles in the head.

Is there a way around this? Some way to get the a-tag in the template, or to put some styles on it?

All advice appreciated,


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Dieter,

Right now in MailBuild it's not possible to do inline styles with MailBuild, this is something we see would be useful and will consider for the future.

Outlook 2007 definitely does pick up CSS in the head though - see

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