Embed a BCC in an HTML Email template

We would like to keep track of the content & frequency of some of our Sales people. Is there a way of placing a static email address in the code of an email template? Thank you.

Stephen, 3 years ago

Hey Scooby6995,

Many thanks for your question and just to confirm, would you like to receive a copy of every campaign sent from your account, is that correct? If so, then unfortunately this isn't possible at this time, however we do make a 'Latest Activity’ RSS feed available within your account, on your initial ‘Clients’ screen, and by subscribing to this RSS feed with your RSS reader, you’ll be able to see when campaigns are sent from your account, as your RSS feed will update to reflect this.

Thank you for the suggestion however, including a BCC feature is a good idea and is something we may consider for future development, so I'd be happy to add your vote for this (we keep track of all new feature requests from customers and add +1 to the vote tally for each feature whenever someone asks about it) so hopefully we can implement this in a future update :)

laura29i, 3 years ago

Thank you for this tutorial. I will follow your advice.


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