deleting [MARKETING] from the subject line?

how do I get rid of the word [MARKETING] at the beginning of the subject line?

Fionnuala Fionnuala, 3 years ago

Hey tham mye!

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The app doesn't add the [MARKETING] prefix to your subject line, this is actually something set by your mail server - it may be worth chatting to your mail admins about this.

If you send a test to an external email address such as Gmail or Hotmail, you'll notice it doesn't have the [MARKETING] prefix, so therefore won't affect your regular subscribers.

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tham mye, 3 years ago

Thanks Fionnuala,
That's very useful to know. So does that mean that when I get newsletters from some organisations without the [MARKETING] prefix, this is because that organisation's email address has not been added to the 'marketing' box by my mail admin people?
I shall speak to them and see what they say.

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