500 ServerError when getting a person's details using Python wrapper

I am making an API request to get a person's details for a client. For the given client, the user does not exists. I am testing if they exist, so I can determine whether to update them or create them.

The client id that I'm using is for an active client on the account.

I understand that I should be receiving a 702 Person Not Found error, but instead I get a 500 Server Error.

Am I missing something? It doesn't seem appropriate to throw a 500 error here.

davidaf davidaf, 3 years ago

Hi kotyy. So we can take a look at the exact code you are using, can  you contact us at support@ with the details so we can troubleshoot what's going on here? Please be sure to obscure the actual API keys that you are using (last few digits is fine) Thanks!

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kotyy, 3 years ago

Hey Davida,

I've submitted a support ticket. Thank you!

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