iOS7 Mail duplicating HTML

Wondered if anyone had seen anything similar. Often when sending emails, we are seeing duplicated HTML (sometimes duplicated images, rows or a tags)

It only ever happens on IOS7 and think it may be related to a dropped connection, or being unable to load the full email. Then the duplicated row/td is later loaded causing problems with the design.

I've attached a few examples, but have seen this affecting Groupon and a few other large senders of emails.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Hi Thomas, while I haven't seen this personally, I'll hazard a guess and suspect it's something to do with iOS truncation over cellular data. We'd love if you could confirm this, as it certainly seems like a very destructive issue!

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Thomas Evans, 3 years ago

Almost 99% sure that it is to do with truncation, or cellular data download being interrupted. As often we're going back into emails at a later date, after connecting to WiFI and the email is back looking perfect.

Dan Branstrator, 3 years ago

Hi All, I wonder if anyone has come up with a solution, or if this is something we'll just have to wait for Apple to remedy? We're noticing this quite a bit, over here...


EdwardBloom, 3 years ago

No new solution against this problem ? I still have this problem with iPhone 4/IOS7/Gmail/Wifi...

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