CreateSend Ruby Gem using api_key fails


I'm trying to find subscribers through the api using the ruby CreateSend gem.
I have the client id and the api_key and the inital request works. But when I try to query further into the api It appears to fail trying to access the @auth_details as an hash. That fails because when using the api_key the @auth_details is a string, if I was using OAuth then @auth_details would be a hash.

That is at least what I think is the problem.

>>client = CM_CLIENT_ID, :api_key => CM_API_KEY
>>client.lists //Fails with the error "undefined method `has_key?' for @auth_details"

Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

I have tried sending the api_key with the client.lists function.

I was hoping to do something like this:

>>client = CM_CLIENT_ID, :api_key => CM_API_KEY
>>list = client.lists.first
>>subscriber = CreateSend::Subscriber.get, "", :api_key=>CM_API_KEY

But I need the

Could you tell me if I'm just doing it wrong ?
Kind regards,

Birgir, 3 years ago

I see now in my terminal that I'm definitively doing this wrong. Lack of sleep I guess :)
Could you guys point me in the right direction though ?

Kind and sleepy regards :)

Birgir, 3 years ago


good night :)

Birgir, 3 years ago

Update:: The gem works perfectly. I just didn't realize I had to put curly brackets around `:api_key=>'key'`

It isn't  shown in the example on

Anywho, thanks for the help and here Is my ruby code if anyone want's it.

  def subscribed_to_emails
    cm ={:api_key=>CM_API_KEY},CM_CLIENT_ID)
    active_subscriptions = cm.lists_for_email({|i| i.SubscriberState.downcase=="active"}

  def unsubscribe_from_emails
    cm ={:api_key=>CM_API_KEY},CM_CLIENT_ID)
    lists = cm.lists_for_email(
    lists.each do |list|
      if list.SubscriberState.downcase == "active"
          success = true
          success = false
    return success
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Awesome, glad you got it working, Birgir! Let us know if you have any further questions :D

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