When left column gets longer, the right column drops in Outlook 2007

I have two tables next to each other wrapped in a cell and left table uses "algin=left".
When left table content is short, everything is good. See the eg. http://d.pr/i/z0CG
But when left table content gets longer and reach a certain height, right table drops to the bottom, like this: http://d.pr/i/3ZGC in Outlook 2007.
Any idea why?

You can see the coding here: http://d.pr/f/rJfq

Btw, I am using two tables to make it responsive.
Thank you!

dedra dedra, 3 years ago

Hi erin027,

place each table into separate cells, not as both tables in one cell. When you do not set margin and padding, Outlook set default values and spreads content.

Simply add </td><td ...> between left and right table.


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