Android email clients media query support

Has anyone got any definitive advice for media query support in email clients on Android devices e.g. in native email app and gmail apps.

On the Samsung Galaxy S3 the default email client seems to disregard media queries completely. I haven't looked at email clients with the S4 yet but I imagine it's the same.

Apologies, just seen this!

Redferret, 3 years ago

HI there,
the stock mail client for android has great support for @media. Gmail and the s3/s4 mail apps on the other hand, don't support them at all.

Gmail app apologist
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

All good @soulglider - we're going to be mentioning this in a blog post shortly. Seems to have become a real issue as of late...!

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