Tricks for formatting messages for iPhone & iPad

Hopefully it's not too self-promotional, but I wrote a blog post with fixes for three common issues when sending email messages to the iPhone: "partial downloads," auto-linked dates & addresses, and automatic font resizing.

3 Tips to Make Your Emails Look Better on iPhone

Redferret, 3 years ago

Good work, I like the first point but It's worth pointing out that it's hard to tell what the file size of your HTML will be once it's been compressed and processed for the send so I'd advise testing before you start removing chunks of code to get it under 15k

Gmail app apologist
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 3 years ago

Hi eli, that's an excellent post - and you're more than welcome to post links to posts you're written anytime. :D Do you think we should start a new forum topic for email marketing resources?

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