How do these numbers compare to yours?


I've been a bit frustrated lately by the effectiveness of our email campaigns. Yesterday I sent a campaign for a product that is pretty "hot" and new right now but we've received almost no interest from it; few clickthroughs and zero orders.

My question for everyone is regarding our numbers for this campaign and how they stack up against yours and/or averages in general.

I'll also include the subject of the email in case some of you think it was a dud.

Subject              Now Available: Pelican 7060 LED Flashlight
Format               HTML and Text
Total HTML Opened    200
Unique HTML Opened   174 (24.72%)
HTML Clicks          17 (9.77%) recipients clicked 18 links
Unsubscribed         2 (0.28%)
Bounced              72 (9.28%)
Delivered            704 (90.72%)

Thanks for your insight!

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

In regards to open rates, we've got an article that covers how opens are measured and typical email open rates, which is worth a look.

A couple of other factors that might play a role: The time and the day you sent it, and the frequency of your emails to this list.

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swatgear, 9 years ago

Well... according to your own stats and the stats linked from your page, it looks like we might be pretty normal for our industry (e-commerce).

You mentioned frequency. Are you saying that high frequency is more beneficial than low or the other way around? We don't send emails often. Less than once a month usually.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Not necessarily that higher is better, but that the frequency can have an impact, and might be worth testing.

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xtfer, 9 years ago

I found 20-30% unique opens to be pretty average for an e-commerce campaign.

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