Can I add a domain to the suppression list

I want to ensure employees from certain businesses never receive an email from us.

eg Tom works for ABC Books Pty Ltd and Toms email address is

I want to ensure that no-one from ABC books ever receives one of our emails, therefore I want to add a catchall for anyone with the domain in thier email addresses instantly to the suppression list, or at least be filtered out at time of emailing.

Is it possible?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 4 years ago

Hi there Covermore_eComm, it isn't possible to add a domain to your suppression list at present, however you can segment specific domains out. For example, you could create and use a segment like, "Email does not contain".

Keep in mind that this isn't a foolproof way to stop other businesses from receiving your mail - for example, there's no way to stop from signing up to your list using another email address (eg.

We've had a few requests for screening out domains, so happy to add your vote for this and keep you updated. Thanks for letting us know that this is what you're after :)

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