Tips on vertical spacing of bullet proof buttons?

I've got several bullet proof buttons that display inline over two lines. I'd rather there be a little space between each one vertically to distinguish between buttons on each line. I assume I can't use margin as that's not well supported in email clients, so is there a smart solution to this issue?

jimmenycricket jimmenycricket, 4 years ago

Hi Cheli,

If you are using the bullet proof buttons from the example above then I will assume you have two tables on top of each other.

The best option would be to add to <br><br> tags in between the tables, or add a spacer table with a defined height

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Redferret, 4 years ago

I would suggest you wrap the button in a table and add padding-bottom. this should give you a consistent, versatile way to adjust the spacing as needed

Gmail app apologist
Cheli, 4 years ago


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